TL;DR: I make websites and APIs

My name is Alejandro Figueroa, but most of the people I work with just call me Alejo. I like to write code and develop software (and now it should be really obvious what the “dev” part of the title means).

You can find me on twitter as alexphi, or check some of the code I’ve written at my GitHub profile.

My main focus are .NET apps and technologies, but I also try to work on (or play with) some other stuff, mainly related to web sites, APIs and backends. The list so far covers bits of Javascript (Node, Vue), Java, Python and Go.

This site was built using Jekyll and TailwindCSS.

The “notes” section content is pulled by a build-time script (before Jekyll builds the site), using a custom-made, super-minimal headless blog api created by me. This is one of my preferred approaches for a JAM Stack architecture.

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